Venus William's attempts to beat Sjogren's Syndrome

"Williams withdrew from September's U.S. Open with Sjogren's, a chronic disease where white blood cells attack moisture-producing glands and can cause dysfunction of organs and body systems.

The five-time Wimbledon champion, who changed her diet to include more vegetables after suffering fatigue from the disease, said last month that she hoped to return to the tour full-time in 2012 and to top the rankings. — Reuters" Read the full article from December 21st, 2011.

There is a wide variety of views regarding diet and Sjogren's Syndrome. Some people believe that modifying your diet can help Sjogren's Syndrome but there is no specific "Sjogren's diet". Here you will find a random variety of suggestions regarding diet. If you know of any more please let me know.

  • As Sjogren's depletes the moisture-producing glands keeping hydrated is extremely important.

  • Water is the best beverage to drink.

  • Reduce caffeine

  • Fruits and vegetables that are high in water content may be useful to hydrate the body. Some of these foods include celery, watermelon, peaches and cucumbers. Many people who have this condition feel that removing wheat and dairy reduce some symptoms.


  1. I believe I have Sjogrens. My Reumatoid levels came back a little high; therefore, my Primary Care Doctor referred me to a specialist who ruled out Reumatoid Arthritis and Lups, but never did further testing for Sjogrens. I mentioned Sjogrens and how I scored a 58% in an online quiz I took for it, and she stated that the only real way that i could know is if I had a biopsy done, but that she felt that it was unnecessary, which I think is untrue. I have chronic dry eye (terrible case of it), I have dry mouth, I constantly feel as though there is a ball of phlegm resting in my esophogus. When I take my supplements, they sometimes get stuck there. My arms and hands go numb, sometimes in the middle of the day, for no apparent reason. I have joint pain when I do not watch EVERYTHING I eat. Seems like I have great days after 3-5 days of no glutin. Please, give me some feedback!

  2. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's about 7 months ago, but had symptoms for a few years. The symptoms got worse during the last year and because I have hypothyroidism, I thought they were connected with that. Not so. I take Levothyroxine for hyporthyroidism so I shouldn't have any symptoms related to that. It all became clear when I got diagnosed. Until a month ago, I was suffering awful symptoms of arthritic pain, flu-like symptoms and heartburn, as well as dry eyes and mouth. I had constant phlegm and coughing, and inflammatory pain on my rib-cage. I did some research and went on a gluten-free, dairy-free and caffeine-free diet. In a week of following this diet I felt the difference. I am now without the arthritic pain, no inflammatory pain and no flu-like symptoms. I still feel tired and have dry eyes and mouth but I don't feel as tired as before and I have less headaches. Initially you may get headaches but they go away and become less to almost non-existent. It's been life-changing.

  3. Hello Everyone:
    I was diagnosed with SS as my secondary auto-immune diease in November 2009. After research, prayer and experimentation. I was able to get off meds by diet. My diet is completely grain free (I eat starchy veggies and fruits instead of grains), ounce for ounce, I match consume as much water as I do food, if not more water for foods that are drier. I do not consume ANY stimulants such as alcohol and caffeinated beverages. I drink one cup of caffeine free tea per day and water the rest of the day. I consume no dairy. I recommend small amounts (no more thna 4 ounces per day) of low fat fish (filet of sole and mahi mahi for example), chicken breast, and turkey breast. I get my fats from a few nuts and seeds such as walnuts, Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds (no legumes). I also use coconut meat, coconut oil, and olive oit. Put olive oil in food as it has been cooked as oilve oil is sensitive to medium and high heat. I eat very little of anything processed, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. I but raw, unrefined, or cold-pressed foods. I use honey and not cane sugar. You can do this gradually. I would recommend getting rid of grains first and increasing your water consumption. I feel soooo much better! Charmaine



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