Burning mouth in Sjogren's Syndrome

Lately my mouth symptoms have gotten so bad -
tongue tingling
burning feeling in whole mouth
loss of taste
feeling tongue is swollen
weird metallic taste in mouth
I drink alot of water but have learnt that while that is important it is not a cure. In SS, decreased exocrine gland function leads to the "sicca complex", a combination of dry eyes and dry mouth. An exocrine gland is not simply water. It is made up of complicated combinations of material for a particular task. For example tears are to lubricate, prevent bacteria and remove dirt and dust. So it is not just a matter
of replacing water in the diet.
So here are some things that I am trying to help control my extreme symptoms of dry mouth at present:
  • I have noticed that sugar does aggravate these symptoms so I have eliminated it from my diet.
  • I have been using lip balm daily.
  • A gel-based saliva substitute at night or if I have a rest
  • Mouthwash designed for dry mouth - I find this is the best relief (Make sure you never use ordinary mouthwash as this is extremely drying)

Here is some great information about treating dry mouth - What Can I Do About Dry Mouth?


  1. Thank you
    You have really helped me with this great info
    Posted by Anne

  2. Neutrasal is an advanced Electrolyte solution or a Supersaturated Calcium-Phosphate rinse. It will help heal your mouth. You can still use Magic Mouthwash if you want to relieve the pain until it heals, but Magic Mouthwash will not heal anything. Neutrasal comes in single packets and are easy to use. Neutrasal has been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth in Sjogrens patients, with no reported side effects. Since Neutrasal is a new product, not many people know about it. If you want to find out more visit or ask your Doctor or Dentist about Neutrasal.

  3. Neutrasal tastes bad and had no positive effect for me. It was like salt water wash.

  4. Zinc tablets have helped me very well,
    Cortisone is a Zinc -degrading drug that can aggravate these problems.

  5. My Dr. put me on Gabapentin for mine and it works. I won't take many drugs at all, but this a been a blessing for me.

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  8. It is difficult to identify the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome by yourself. It is therefore important that the slightest discomfort be discussed with your dentist at clinics such as Dentzz. It could start with canker sores or ulcers in the mouth, which would lead the person to believe that the burning sensation in the mouth is due to the ulcer or the sore. However, doctors would generally look for sores, redness or swelling in the mouth. The pain would lead to the person feeling a lot of discomfort, irritation and burning.
    Visit! to know more.

  9. All about burning mouth syndrome symptoms, causes and treatment. Dry Mouth Treatment and medication such as BURNICAL. Which is safe and effective for treat dry mouth naturally?

  10. When you burn your tongue, all you want is to know when it will get better. Burning your tongue is a common nuisance when you don't notice how hot your food or drink was before taking a bite or sip. Well, you can easily get rid of this problem with the help of Burning Tongue Home Remedies . It is very easy to apply at home at any time. Herbal Remedies for Burning Tongue are the best natural ways and they are completely safe for use.

  11. Burning mouth or burning tongue syndrome is a miserable condition which can be difficult to treat. Fortunately, our nature has the power to cure any illness effectively. Home Remedies for Burning Tongue can give your relief from its symptoms and pain. They include nutritional supplements, herbs and the treatment of underlying health conditions. Homemade Remedies for Burning Tongue will not give you any type of side effects. Just try them once and see their magical effects soon.

  12. My Dr. Put me on gabapenten some time back. I couldn't believe the difference it made with the nerve pain! And really didn't realize how much nerve pain I had in my face, teeth, ear, etc. until I was on it. Unfortunately within just 3-4 weeks I had gained 9-10 lbs!!!! I'm a very small woman... that just wasn't going to work for me sadly.... that was without changing ANY EATING HABITS!

  13. With so numerous possible causes, you may not be able to determine the origin of burning mouth syndrome on your own. But don't let that take the spark out of your step dentists can help diagnose Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes and Treatments! After discussing possible causes, your dentist will check for oral problems that contribute to burning mouth.

  14. You may often experience dry eyes or dry mouth due to different internal and external issues. The Herbal Treatment for Sjogren's Syndrome condition is based on your diet as certain foods can help to alleviate inflammation and, therefore, any connected pain.

  15. Burning Mouth Syndrome Herbal Treatment depends on the underlying causes. Herbal Treatments are also available to release the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome.

  16. I gained 2 pounds per pill. Inwas taking 4 a day. 8 pounds!! I am 5’1” tall so that was huge difference. I went off of Gabapentin and lost around 5 pounds over a few months. The last few are taking a little more time.


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