What affects your dryness in Sjogren's?

sugar and health concerns
Have you noticed a problem with sugar and your health?
I have found a few things that increase my Sjogren's dryness in my mouth. Obviously salt and soy sauce and take away foods that are full of salt but also tea. Yes plain ordinary tea. I drink it with skim milk and almost 1 sugar. Whenever I have a cup of tea my tongue gets sore afterwards, almost as if the tea has burnt it but I am not drinking it very hot.
Now I have found something that actually decreases my mouth dryness! SUGAR. I don't mean eating sugar, I mean removing sugar from my diet. The added bonus is when I don't use sugar I don't enjoy tea so it kills two birds with one stone. The dehydrating effect of tea is gone and the sugar is gone too.
If you are interested in quitting sugar I have found a great book called The 21 Day Sugar Detox which gives a step-by-step program, recipes, guidance including daily emails and an online community. Click Here! if you want to find out more.

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