Eye complications in Sjogren's Syndrome

When I came out of the anasthetic, after the operation, my eyes were really dry and sore, especially one of them. I thought I must have had my eye open or had been leaning on that eye or something as it just didn't seem right. I now know that Sjogren's Syndreome can have this complication and the surgeon and anesthetist should have been told I had Sjogren's. The moral of the story is no matter how mild or under control Sjogren's is these doctors need to know you have it if you are having any operation.
After my operation I needed to use eye ointments which are thicker than artificial tears. Because they moisturize and protect the eye for several hours. They may blur your vision so they are most effective during sleep.


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    1. Yes definately with any chronic illness it's important to have all your medical information easily accessible when traveling.

  2. Prior to surgery, I advised the doctor that I would need ointment in my eyes due to the Sjogrens and he was happy to comply

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