What is the prognosis of Sjögren's syndrome? *

The symptoms of Sjögren's syndrome are many and varied - every person may have a different combination of symptoms however dryness, in one of it's forms, is usually the common symptom.

Sjögren's syndrome can damage vital organs of the body with symptoms that may remain stable, worsen, or go into remission. Some people may experience only the mild symptoms of dry eyes and mouth, while others go through cycles of good health followed by severe disease.

Many patients are able to treat problems symptomatically. Others are forced to cope with blurred vision, constant eye discomfort, recurrent mouth infections, swollen parotid glands, hoarseness, and difficulty in swallowing and eating. Debilitating fatigue and joint pain can also seriously impair quality of life.

It is difficult to predict the course that the condition may take.

* Prognosis is the probable course and outcome of a disease, especially of the chances of recovery.

See a list of "complications" of Sjogren's Syndrome.

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  1. Thanks for explaining this as i must say i do get confused about it! Could be the fibro fog or is it the SS?


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