Trying gluten free again

gluten free and sjogrens syndrome
Jamie Oliver's Mexican meal
I do not remember what happened last time and why I stopped but I am going gluten free again. I now know that it is not a cure but it can help reduce some symptoms. I also understand that a small percentage of people with Sjogren's have inflammed small bowel mucosa similar to Coeliac disease.
The reason why I decided to try this again is the puffiness and aching I get in my fingers and toes after eating wheat (which I rarely do). This make me think there is some dietary connection for me.
I am also going to add green tea on a daily basis as I have just read of a Dr who believes it can reduce inflammation in autoimmune conditions. Wish me luck and stay posted.


  1. THANK YOU FOR HAVING THIS BLOG!! When I found out about having this disease, I went online to find as much information about it as I could and found your blog site. One of my problems that is re-occurring is figuring out the foods I can eat and the ones to stay away from. It goes like this: I eat fruits for breakfast, I like banana's and salad for lunch and meat with vegetable for dinner. I use extra virgin olive oil for dressing and eat red meat twice a week. It's usually a hit or miss with foods and I just found out that there are certain breads I can eat without pain and swelling. I hate the fact that I am always on a constant diet because that is what really all of us are doing! The only good news about this is I can drink my wine without problems. LOL. Seriously though, I have talked with my doctor and he is holistic in his treatments and told me that my blood cells are improving but I can't help thinking of all the new symptoms I never had before starting to surface. I'm now feeling numbness on one side of my body and my feet & toes have no sensation or feeling whatsoever. It's kinda scary but I keep taking my monthly blood checks and he tells me that I'm good. Anyway, thanks again for this blog for all of us!! Debi

  2. Debi, thanks for your comment. it is like I myself am talking - always on a diet, always trying to work out what foods helps and/or hinders the annoying symptoms of sjogren's syndrome. I have numbness and tingling in my legs and feet, with no sensation in many toes, and sometimes in my hands. Keep in touch.


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