Did you know April is Sjogren's Syndrome month?

I am trying to post more often this month to help increase awareness of Sjogren's Syndrome. I figure it is the first, and basic step, in getting more research into this annoying condition.
Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation is promoting Bold Blue Day.
Do you know of anyone else doing something specially for Sjogren's awareness this month? Please let me know so I can post it here.
Also if you would like to help spread the word please post this on your social networks using the handy little buttons below - Cheers.


  1. My renal doctor believes I have Sjogrens. I won't have definite diagnosis until I have salivary biopsy soon I hope. I will follow along with you in April, and I will blog on mine as well in April.

  2. So it is important to know about the symptoms and possible herbal treatment options, such as extra Natural Herbs for Sjogren’s Syndrome, such as rheum rhabarbarum, ginger, vitamin E, and others.


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