What you can do when diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome

Shout: "Hurrah, finally some one believes me, I am not going crazy, I am not a hypocondriac, I have Sjogren's Syndrome." Yes, diagnosis is difficult and it is just the first step. The next step is realizing that SS is usually not life threatening but it is a chronic condition that needs on going attention.

Just as we get a handle on it the symptoms can change, flare ups occur and new symptoms arrive. We must constantly re evaluate our health to get the best quality of life. Here are some handy hints from people with Sjogren's Syndrome:

You need to be actively involved in your own care to find the best ways to relieve your symptoms.

Smoking, poor diet, alcohol and certain medicines may aggrevate your condition.

Get a good relationship with a G.P. and a rheumatologist who will help you maintain a reasonable quality of life.

A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle may help manage your symptoms.

Some dietary suggestions.


  1. Hi where are you? Hope you are okay and not in hospital. Please let us know asap

    1. Sorry Suzie, somehow I missed your kind note. I am okay and trying to blog a bit. How are you?

  2. So it is important to know about the symptoms and possible herbal treatment options, such as extra Natural Herbs for Sjogren’s Syndrome, such as rheum rhabarbarum, ginger, vitamin E, and others.


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