• A Body Out of Balance by Nancy Carteron & Ruth Fremes

  • Medifocus Guidebook on: Sjogren's Syndrome Elliot Jacob PhD. (Editor)

  • Positive Options for Sjogren's Syndrome: Self-Help and Treatment by Sue Dyson

  • The New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook (Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation) by Daniel J. Wallace

  • The Sjogren's Syndrome Survival Guide by Teri P. Rumpf & Katherine Morland Hammitt

  • Understanding Sjogren's Syndrome by Sue Dauphin

Do you know any others?


  1. Hi there,I have been in Sydney Australia, I lived in South Australia in 1962 to 1964, my second daughter was born in Mount Gambier famous for its startling blue lake.

    You have to love the auto immune diseases, they are like bad family, if one comes they all come,I am beginning to lose count of them all.

    And we don't look sick, altho the myositis has me moving as slowly as a turtle!

    Glad to know there are other Grinches around, Chris

  2. I have lost count! never been to Mount Gambier but lived in South Australia for a year when I was a hippie lass.

  3. Great list, ta; did no realise their were so many. Off to library now


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