Do you have digestion problems and a dry mouth?

Did you know digestion begins with the saliva in your mouth.
So it stands to reason if you have concerns with your salivary glands, as people with Sjogren's do and some other diseases, it may well affect the rest of your digestion.

"The largest of the salivary glands - the parotid - secretes important proteins into the saliva. As with all salivary glands, it has multiple secretion pathways, therefore it must sort proteins destined for saliva into the correct pathway for secretion. This can be tricky as there are seven possible pathways. One pathway takes proteins to the salivary duct, other pathways carry different proteins to the 'back' side of the cell to be secreted into the blood or to form a supportive matrix for the cells. Transport along these pathways occurs by sorting the proteins into vesicles (hollow membrane sacs) that carry their "cargo" to the correct destination." Medical News

So you can see this is a complex process and only the initial process of food digestion. Food is our fuel, and gives our bodies the substances they need to work well. But before food can do that, it must be digested into small pieces the body can absorb and use.
So Sjogren's is most probably affecting my digestion and energy levels and I thought it was just the mouth and eyes!


  1. So it is important to know about the symptoms and possible herbal treatment options, such as extra Natural Herbs for Sjogren’s Syndrome, such as rheum rhabarbarum, ginger, vitamin E, and others.

  2. Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome  are all naturally extracted without any chemical added to them; therefore, they don’t carry any kind of side effects.


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