What to do for dry eyes and dry mouth

Yesterday was extremely windy and it is the winter solistice here and people with Sjogren's do not cope well with heaters and wind as it dries them out even more. Today I have dry eyes, blurred vision, eye discomfort, dry mouth, swollen glands behind the jaw and difficulty in swallowing and I am very thirsty and fatigued.

I will use more mouth spray lubricants* for dry mouth and more drops for my eyes even though I always wonder if these things actually help much.
I definately need to get and use a humidifier.
More ideas for dry eyes.
More ideas for dry mouth both from (NIAMS) National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
*The mouth spray lubricants are a saliva substitute that try to mimic saliva by making the mouth feel wet. You swallow them sooner or later. "It is best to use these products rather than water when awakening from sleep: They reduce oral symptoms more effectively, and they do not cause excessive urine formation." Interesting information from Is there any treatment? showing that they do have some benefit over just sipping water, but sipping water is important too.


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  3. Try green tea for dry mouth. My salvia returned after 2 days drinking 2 cups a day. Drink one that is organic. It really works!

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