Sjogren's Fact of the Week

Experts estimate that more than 4 million people have the disease.  

This makes it the second most common rheumatic disease yet many people have never heard of it. Read more...


  1. I was diagnoised with sjorgrens in March. Because I have so many issues from this it is hard for me to eat a proper diet and I have lost alot of weight and I now weigh 90 pounds.I suffer with alot of inflammitory conditions. Are there any suggestions out there of what other people do. .I have stomach problems and menniers so I have to avoid sodium and surgar. I am also lactose intolerent.

  2. Sorry to hear you have so many health concerns. I would try following an anti inflammatory diet. I have these concerns too but not the weight loss. I avoid wheat, dairy and gluten and try to eat lots of fruit and veges. Is there an oil you can tolerate? Maybe try the Mediterranean diet. Here is a site that may help with diet and autoimmunity


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