Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea with Sjogren's Syndrome

GREEN TEA may prevent or slow down  autoimmune diseases.  It is a natural treatment being studied by Dr. Stephen Hsu, a researcher in the Medical College of Georgia, USA.  A component of green tea called EGCG helps suppress inflammation, according to Dr. Hsu and hi colleagues.

Dr. Hsu's study, at the Medical College of Georgia, USA,  found much less damage in the salivary glands in the group treated with green tea extract. About 30% of elderly Americans suffer from degrees of dry mouth, while only 5% of the elderly in China, where green tea is widely consumed, suffer from the problem.
Dr. Hsu says “EGCG...significantly lowered the serum autoantibodies, reducing the severity of Sjögren’s Syndrome-like symptoms.”
EGCG is Green Tea catechin.

"The benefit of using green tea in preventing or slowing these autoimmune diseases is that it's natural and not known to harm the body," says Dr. Kevin Gillespie, first author of the study.

More Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea – for Type 1 Diabetes & Sjogren’s Syndrome.
I am trying to quit ordinary tea (AGAIN) and drink green tea. I am hoping it reduces the common symptom known as dry mouth.
How about you? What do you drink? Black, green, both or none?


  1. Tea actually dries me out even more (???) I was a heavy tea drinker for a long time until I had a kidney stone so I had to let it go completely as tannic acid should be avoided with those of us with stones. When I was addicted to the tea, I didn't realize the drying until I was away from it. Yes, I sneak now and again. Orange Peko/Black and herbals

    1. This is interesting Jacquie, I think by giving up black tea I have discovered the same thing. Did not know tannic acid causes kidney stones. Thanks. Oh just read that in green tea and kidney stones studies, the scientists believed that green tea antioxidants inhibit the formation of urinary stones. Also found this "Tannic acid found in coffee, tea (black or orange pekoe) and or soda. The dyes from colored drinks such as Kool Aide etc. fluoride pills, toothpaste or water laced with fluoride. Excess meats and diuretics. Salt, Milk products and alcoholic drinks. Antacids which contain Calcium. Too acidic system"

  2. I'm reading this as I drink my green tea! I gave up caffeine in January as it seemed to be making Raynauds symptoms much worse. I can now have a cup of tea or coffee only occasionally but green tea seems to be just fine. Not sure how much it helps with inflammation as my meds have just increased so hard to tell but I am producing more saliva and getting less mouth ulcers for sure.


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