Protecting your eyes with Sjogren's syndrome or Sunglasses Dilemma

Sunglasses and Sjogren's

I can't go out of the house anymore without my eyes being so aggrevated the rims turn red and I look like I've been crying. I wear multifocals normally and here begins the dilemma.  What to wear to protect my eyes from glare? Only another person who wears multifocals will understand.

If I use normal sunglasses I am as blind as a bat.
I bought some clip ons and lost them and they may also scratch the lens of the multifocals. (Also my daughter tells me they are not cool!)
Apparently you can get wrap arounds that fit around the top of other glasses but they are expensive and block your vision. So the dilemma continues!


  1. Oh so intersting to find someone else the same about the red rings around the eye rim and extreme dryness i get the next day, Do you? I avoid out of doors as much as possible, take Vit D and wear a hat. I have clip ons for in the car but don't wear them out as they have a weird sticking up thing. You are right my clip ons did crack an expensive pair of glasses when i used the bend up function - if you know what I mean. Just clip them on now and never flip them up.

    1. Hi JJ, yes I do get dryness the nest day now you mention it. I have it today after being outside yesterday. Good tip about not flipping the clip on sunglasses up. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I'm an ex-pat Aussie living in Canada. Even with the reduced sun where I am, with my Sjogren's I have problems with UV radiation and the sun all round, especially in summer.

    I use solar shield glasses that can be worn over prescription glasses. There are much more expensive versions of these, but I find these no more expensive than a decent pair of sunnies. This is what they look like: I wonder if you can order them in Oz?

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Jane for letting us know. I will check them out at the link you provided. Are you enjoying Canada?

  3. If you have a Walmarts out there check out the Advanced UV Protection by the same as noted above. Paid $20.00 and they are worth $1 million. Can even see colors with them. I wear trifocals and I can still see! Sometimes I even forget I have them on. Good Luck!


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