New dry mouth treatment

I am always thirsty,
my tongue often has a burning feeling
and my mouth is dry no matter how much water I drink.
40 percent of American adults have similar symptoms!

A clinical trial using an all-natural lozenge to treat dry mouth, may change all that. It is conducted by Georgia Health Sciences University College of Dental Medicine.
"These patients' mouths are as dry as if you've closed the faucet, and we want to turn that faucet back on," said Dr. Stephen Hsu, Molecular and Cell Biologist and co-investigator of the study. "The cells and glands that produce saliva are still there, they're just not working." Continue reading


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  7. I am having issues not only with burning mouth & tongue but with very sore places in roof of mouth. Anyone else having these issues or anyone have tips or solutions, treatments?


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