Latest developments in Sjogren's from Garvan Institute

An important breakthrough, that will enable development of more tailored treatments for Sjogren's Syndrome, has been made by Australia's Garvan Institute.
"Recently, Garvan researchers identified sub-forms of Sjögren’s syndrome that are triggered by mechanisms that to date have been thought to have little to do with this disease. Sjögren’s syndrome is believed to be caused by improper regulation of two immune cell types, T and B cells, which comprise the ‘adaptive’ half of the immune system that responds specifically to antigens (foreign substances). Indeed, in many patients this is the case.
Garvan’s scientists have shown that many patients suffering from Sjögren’s syndrome have high levels of something called B cell-activating factor (BAFF) in their blood serum, as well as locally in their glands. BAFF plays a critical role in B cell survival and immune responses." See full article.

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