Diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome

A rheumatologist diagnosed my SS using a Schirmer's Test. He placed a small, thin paper under my lower eyelid to check the dryness of the eyes. It was very simple and quick and done in his office and scored to tell the amount of dryness in the eye.

Results of a Schirmer's test:

1. Normal which is 15 mm
2. Mild which is 14-9 mm
3. Moderate which is 8-4 mm
4. Severe which is 4 mm

It was this result of 5mm and my symptoms that confirmed the syndrome as no single test is specific in diagnosing SS. It was followed with a blood test to show antibodies.

The rheumatologist said I had primary Sjogren's.


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  2. The objectives of Sjogren’s Syndrome treatment are to reduction uneasiness and decrease the unsafe impacts of dryness.


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